The poetry of punk, emo, indie rock and beyond.

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A note from your maintainer, derekfz

Welcome to punk_poetry! I created this community as a place to celebrate and share in the poetry, songwriting and lyric craft of punk, emo, hardcore, indie rock and related genres. Being someone who has always liked to post lyrics in my journal, I thought it would be fun to create a community where others can post and share their favorite lyrics, particularly if the songs are somehow special or meaningful to you, or if you identify with them in some way... that sort of thing. Pretty nerdly, right? I know. But it's kind of nice. Kind of.

Although the word "punk" is specifically contained in the name of the community, please refrain from engaging in heated debate on what is or is not "punk", or just what constitutes "hardcore" or "emo" or *whatever*. Let's just enjoy the words that the members of the community want to share.

As a general rule, if you're going to post a song's lyrics, it's a good idea to include in the post the name of the artist who released the song and the title of the album it appears on. Not only is this less confusing than if you post a set of lyrics with no indication of their source, but is also helpful in the event that someone would like to find the song and hear it for themselves. Thank you.

Punk rock haikus are also welcome. ;)