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The poetry of punk, emo, indie rock and beyond. -- Day [entries|friends|calendar]

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[11 Jan 2006|07:18pm]
The Reputation
"She Turned Your Head"
[ from The Reputation. ]

She came to town last summer
And I could see she turned your head
Not three weeks after we called it off, you took up with her instead
In March you promised it was over
And I took you at your word
Until I caught the tail end of her ass slipping up your stairs
And when your light flicked on
I knew you had that bitch in your bed
My eyes never left your window
Until all that whiskey had fucked with my head
I realized nothing you'd been saying was true
Across the courtyard I kept watch and stopped believing in you
You pulled me back into those sheets
With a heat wave rolling in
Already heard about Dallas and the alley
From all my so-called friends
And on the fourth day of July you had the nerve to bring her out
And I walked for hours
On the hot sex-starved streets of this town
So call out your minions
Because she'll need their help this night
If you want my opinion, you lost your last chance with that light

The Reputation
"For the Win"
[ from The Reputation. ]

Eyes cast
There's nothing more you need to say
So, should I meet you in a Milwaukee Ave. back alley
Or Mary's hallway?
And, yeah, I know this has to end
Because you're just in it for the win
I feel it every time I see you walk through the door

And all those late night spills ending in morning after pills
That's why I'm glad you don't come around much anymore
Years pass and still you take everything you want

These days it's blow jobs vs. platitudes
Still I can't give you up
And you might fight back but you know it's true
And there's nothing you can say to deny it
I'm your favorite piece of ass when you've got something to prove
I still take it any time that you want it
Whether it's the floor of my van or a Dallas hotel room
And now that you're over her I guess I've outlived my use
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