Saint Mediocretes of Pedestrium (derekfz) wrote in punk_poetry,
Saint Mediocretes of Pedestrium

Articles of Faith
"Remain in Memory"
[ from In This Life. ]

You could walk away without a pause
Chances are as chances go
That you won’t need me anymore
And measure in your step your vanity
I know you better than that
You’re not so different from me

I could walk away with no regrets
Where the palest shadows move
The ghosts will roam this room
And linger at the place where we first met
There’s no place for me to run
Underneath the sun

I remain in memory 
While I remain in memory
Remember me. 

You could start again without a pause
What’s the point in looking back
When there’s no turning back?
But in your stillest voice you sound assured
The heart that settles fast
The iron days are past

I remain in memory
While I remain in memory
Remember me

The place you want
The place you love
The place you are
The place you call your home
Then face the fact
That facing up
Is better than backing down again alone
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