Saint Mediocretes of Pedestrium (derekfz) wrote in punk_poetry,
Saint Mediocretes of Pedestrium

The Maccabees - "Abingdon"
[ from Songs from the weakest link. ]

Can't remember each memory we've made
But I know some things will never change
You are my constant, you are my only one
There's beauty somewhere in this person I've become

This is everything I thought I'd never grasp
I'm so completely had

Nothing is ever quite so perfect for me
And I waited patiently until you had to leave
There's never a best time to say a goodbye
And you walked away with part of my life

This is everything
I'll wait for you until my beating is heart is still

Can't remember each memory we've made
I know I'm so scared of change
Just tell me you love me and I might stand the wait
Maybe one visit you'll be here to stay
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