Saint Mediocretes of Pedestrium (derekfz) wrote in punk_poetry,
Saint Mediocretes of Pedestrium

Fight the Worm
"The Price is Right Song"
[ from Fight the Worm. ]

Some guys blew up a building
And killed lots of folks and children
They really like to build bombs, baby
So we ougtha set them free, maybe
Okay, they killed a lot of people
And that's really pretty evil
And not to seem really cynical
But we're a little hypocritical

They killed 100 people or possibly even more
But the military kills thousands of people in their wars
Blowing up a government office is a good thing to do
But they should have evacuated it before they were through
With blowing it up and helping us all
To gain some freedom by destroying the files
That say real bad things about all of us
Like how we're all pawns
That need to serve them all day
And most of the night
And cook them roast beef
And make their beds
And tuck them in, too
And wash all their laundry
Because they're much too good
And way too important to be bothered with that

I do believe that killing's very wrong
And that's the point of this obnoxious song
So if you think that we should kill these guys
And think that you and these creeps have no ties
You really, really ought to try and see
That we are all the same humanity
And we're like them, and they're like you and me
And we'd be killing our own family

And like I said before
Part of what they did was really quite cool
By trying to bring down the people
That think they have the right to rule
And maybe what they've done will bring about something good
If nothing else
At least they had more fun than you and I could
By sitting around
And whining and such
About how The Man forces us to oblige
With all of his crap
And do all the work
And live in fear as a means to survive
We can't have fun
And eat donuts
And make big cakes
To smash on each other's heads
And most of all it's exciting and fresh
They plant bombs in the name of Mr. David Koresh
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