Saint Mediocretes of Pedestrium (derekfz) wrote in punk_poetry,
Saint Mediocretes of Pedestrium

Friction - "Auburn"
[ from Hours of Operation. ]

Autumn makes the easy games get cold
And fire seems to breathe cold
Autumn leaves an imprint
That makes you want to layer your clothes
Lay the fool right here below
Fifty layers under snow
Save the day and then walk home alone
Slip by skim past
On the incline set at meager slant
Shine faster fists to break the mold
Mark a point for being cold
Glad you were an understanding soul
How do you feel, cement heart?
I'll send a get well card
Concrete street light, meet cement heart
Can't you see the feeling leaving?
Auburn makes the beautiful get old
And weak is easy meat
Justice of the piece
Chain smoke chimney sweep
I'm dying to tell you I'm dying
And I don't need a reason
More than a blemish
On a near-perfect season
Why don't you sit down, shut up
Don't move from that seat
Don't make me have to
Certainly underneath I see
Insecurity to some degree
So drive away from people you can hold
Sold your soul I bought
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