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The poetry of punk, emo, indie rock and beyond. [entries|friends|calendar]

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The Few, The Proud, The Punks [04 Feb 2010|04:39am]

The Few, The Proud, The Punks

The streets are teeming with the lower classes;
An infestation of the nation’s best kept secret;
A quiet minority that is sick of being pushed around.

The pissed off protesters
The scum of the cities
The trash of your town
The few, the proud, the punks.

I’m sick of your shit so shut your face
I can’t take anymore
Your bigotry is going to get you decked so shut the hell up.

Quit shoving your ideals down my throat before I shove my fist down yours
I swear to God I can’t take anymore
I am going to snap and you’re coming with me.

So sign up now if you can’t take anymore
Come join our motley group of outcasts who are crying out for change
Come join the ranks of the few, the proud, the punks.
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[11 Jan 2006|07:18pm]

The Reputation
"She Turned Your Head"
[ from The Reputation. ]

She came to town last summer
And I could see she turned your head
Not three weeks after we called it off, you took up with her instead
In March you promised it was over
And I took you at your word
Until I caught the tail end of her ass slipping up your stairs
And when your light flicked on
I knew you had that bitch in your bed
My eyes never left your window
Until all that whiskey had fucked with my head
I realized nothing you'd been saying was true
Across the courtyard I kept watch and stopped believing in you
You pulled me back into those sheets
With a heat wave rolling in
Already heard about Dallas and the alley
From all my so-called friends
And on the fourth day of July you had the nerve to bring her out
And I walked for hours
On the hot sex-starved streets of this town
So call out your minions
Because she'll need their help this night
If you want my opinion, you lost your last chance with that light

The Reputation
"For the Win"
[ from The Reputation. ]

Eyes cast
There's nothing more you need to say
So, should I meet you in a Milwaukee Ave. back alley
Or Mary's hallway?
And, yeah, I know this has to end
Because you're just in it for the win
I feel it every time I see you walk through the door

And all those late night spills ending in morning after pills
That's why I'm glad you don't come around much anymore
Years pass and still you take everything you want

These days it's blow jobs vs. platitudes
Still I can't give you up
And you might fight back but you know it's true
And there's nothing you can say to deny it
I'm your favorite piece of ass when you've got something to prove
I still take it any time that you want it
Whether it's the floor of my van or a Dallas hotel room
And now that you're over her I guess I've outlived my use
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[22 May 2005|08:46pm]

Nothing Painted Blue
"I Should Be With You"
[ from The Monte Carlo Method. ]

It was no surprise
It's always easy to read her eyes
That weak little smile that she gives
When she's got nothing else for you
Last night I dreamed that she called me
To say she'd be over soon
I woke up amazed
I hadn't thought I could still cry
I call you up and you say
"Don't, someone's still in your bed."
I say, "They'll be gone soon,
And what we've done is wrong."

In the eyes of God, I should be with you

And lord knows I've tried
But I'll never be satisfied
She's warm and she's sweet
And I don't really know what she's doing here
I had a lover once
Now all I've got is a souvenir
She tells me she loves me
I'm not even sure what that means

In the eyes of God, I should be with you
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[14 Jan 2005|05:28pm]

[ mood | cold ]

So.. who all is still hanging around here?

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pad and pen [14 Oct 2004|10:55pm]

[ mood | calm ]

pad and pen
by gohnorea

i got my pad
and pen
i write you
till u leave
my mind.
i write till
i bleed
i write till
i cry
theres nothing
left to say
theres nothing
left to write
i was wrong
with how i felt
i listen to what others
i went with what others
i got out my pad
and pen
i write u out
of mind
loss of nothing
loss of nothing
i get out my
pad and pen
and go
with my

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Empty Thoughts [29 Sep 2004|01:56pm]

[ mood | crushed ]

Empty Thoughts
by Gohnorea

i never seened anyone
quite like you
you stare at the wall
you scream,
and cut off your balls-
i never loved anyone like you
you never appear to be
what i think you are
you stood on the edge
walking that ledge
starring at me
i never touched your skin
though you let me in-
you let me in!
all the whispers of love
now i have drove you mad
and you will still be there
for me,
though if i can honestly see
maybe in time i will find
you were meant for me-
though so many lies
so many bad memories
so many good times
and still your there
for me-
you locked yourself away
waiting to hear the words
you dream me to say
though love to you is an
a soul politician
you were the one
waiting for me to
begging me to come in
now you have gone away
like some mid night hustler
a gang bawler
mistreating husband
on a one night stand
and still your there for me-
though what about yourself
you locked yourself away
waiting to the hear the words
you dream me to say

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[22 Jul 2004|02:20pm]

Articles of Faith
"Remain in Memory"
[ from In This Life. ]

You could walk away without a pause
Chances are as chances go
That you won’t need me anymore
And measure in your step your vanity
I know you better than that
You’re not so different from me

I could walk away with no regrets
Where the palest shadows move
The ghosts will roam this room
And linger at the place where we first met
There’s no place for me to run
Underneath the sun

I remain in memory 
While I remain in memory
Remember me. 

You could start again without a pause
What’s the point in looking back
When there’s no turning back?
But in your stillest voice you sound assured
The heart that settles fast
The iron days are past

I remain in memory
While I remain in memory
Remember me

The place you want
The place you love
The place you are
The place you call your home
Then face the fact
That facing up
Is better than backing down again alone
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[05 Jul 2004|04:02pm]

Doc Hopper - "Loaner"
[ from Zigs, Yaws & Zags. ]

He disappointed you
I won't let it happen again
I see that it annoys you
Keep it inside you
Let it just build up until you need to explode
I'm always beside you
If you need, I can give you a ride to the liquor store

Somewhere down the road
When you're feeling down
And you need someone there
To show you they care
If you wanna be alone
I'll just wait around
Waiting for you to call me

And so you call him
Knowing he won't be around
I see you wondering
Hey you, I know that you can't carry on this way
Just give me a chance
I can give you a smile
You can keep for another day

Somewhere down the road
When you're feeling down
And you need someone there
To show you they care
If you wanna be alone
I'll just wait around
Waiting for you to call me
And tell me you need me
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[01 Jul 2004|05:07pm]

Pedro the Lion
[ from Acchilles Heel. ]

Engine severs lower legs
I feel my bruised heart beating
Spinal cord remains intact, still sending and receiving

Lying back on shoulder blades, the cargo rushing past
Missing limbs beneath the cars, twitching on the tracks
Click clack--now handicapped
North Am Transcontinental

I remember, as I bleed, certain tails of bravery
A man whose legs were crushed beneath a fallen evergreen tree
He decided he would chop them off above the knee
Sacrificing shins and feet, to make his torso free

The luxury of having been spared the hard part
Yo'd think would be enough for me to pull this off
But I'm left to bleed to death, now all the man I've ever been

North Am Transcontinental
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[22 Jun 2004|06:09pm]

Prisonshake - "Two Sisters"
[ from The Roaring Third. ]

It starts in your belly, warm and numb
Maybe it's a worm, because you don't have a soul
I hardly see your frailties
You don't see my weakness
We keep the lights down low and the shades drawn
We call it bliss
Just like this

In the middle of the night we stood on the rooftop
Concrete and sky
No stars shine in this place
I never said I hated you
I just resent the fact that you exist
Keep your mouth shut for just one minute
And kiss me just like this
Just like this

We walked and walked and walked
City block after city block
The time is stretched just as thin
As a rubber band around your skin
And we keep searching for the perfect moment
For the air to stop dead between us
Look at what we've done

Let's drink a toast to the girl on the hill
They say she won't, but her sister will
So.. here's to your sister
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[28 May 2004|05:37pm]

Pinhead Gunpowder
"Life During Wartime"

Yeah, we say making changes starts in the little things you do
"Revolution begins at home"
But for most of us, it ends there, too
We're doing something
We're making changes
Like changing the brand of crap we buy
We say it makes a difference
But that's just another lie

It used to be "us" and "them"
And "you and me"
And now we can't reach our potential
Without a common enemy
A real war to fight against
Instead of our petty disagreements
But how can I rationalize
My life during wartime lie

A call to action and a reaction
Taking our lives in our own hands
Instead of sitting aroung talking
About the same old stupid bands
But war is going on right now
And I'm not doing anything about it
Without a crowd, I'm not so loud
I can't do anything by myself
But that's just another lie
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writers block [23 May 2004|07:50am]

i write music so easily, but lyrics.. i could stare at a blank sheet of paper for an hour and give up in frustratrion. i know it shouldn't be this hard.
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[06 Apr 2004|07:23pm]

The Maccabees - "Abingdon"
[ from Songs from the weakest link. ]

Can't remember each memory we've made
But I know some things will never change
You are my constant, you are my only one
There's beauty somewhere in this person I've become

This is everything I thought I'd never grasp
I'm so completely had

Nothing is ever quite so perfect for me
And I waited patiently until you had to leave
There's never a best time to say a goodbye
And you walked away with part of my life

This is everything
I'll wait for you until my beating is heart is still

Can't remember each memory we've made
I know I'm so scared of change
Just tell me you love me and I might stand the wait
Maybe one visit you'll be here to stay
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[19 Feb 2004|08:22pm]

[ mood | bored ]

I will no longer be posting a song daily in this community. I know new people joining the community is kind of a long shot, but.. As it is, I'm the only one that's posted here, I've posted one song every single day since I started the community, and it's gotten a bit boring. I'll still post occasionally, just not every day..

In the meanwhile, the few of you who are members--post. Get other people to read, and post. Do *something*. I don't feel like making the effort to post something every day myself for right now. So.. there you have it.

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[18 Feb 2004|09:34pm]

Fight the Worm
"The Price is Right Song"
[ from Fight the Worm. ]

Some guys blew up a building
And killed lots of folks and children
They really like to build bombs, baby
So we ougtha set them free, maybe
Okay, they killed a lot of people
And that's really pretty evil
And not to seem really cynical
But we're a little hypocritical

They killed 100 people or possibly even more
But the military kills thousands of people in their wars
Blowing up a government office is a good thing to do
But they should have evacuated it before they were through
With blowing it up and helping us all
To gain some freedom by destroying the files
That say real bad things about all of us
Like how we're all pawns
That need to serve them all day
And most of the night
And cook them roast beef
And make their beds
And tuck them in, too
And wash all their laundry
Because they're much too good
And way too important to be bothered with that

I do believe that killing's very wrong
And that's the point of this obnoxious song
So if you think that we should kill these guys
And think that you and these creeps have no ties
You really, really ought to try and see
That we are all the same humanity
And we're like them, and they're like you and me
And we'd be killing our own family

And like I said before
Part of what they did was really quite cool
By trying to bring down the people
That think they have the right to rule
And maybe what they've done will bring about something good
If nothing else
At least they had more fun than you and I could
By sitting around
And whining and such
About how The Man forces us to oblige
With all of his crap
And do all the work
And live in fear as a means to survive
We can't have fun
And eat donuts
And make big cakes
To smash on each other's heads
And most of all it's exciting and fresh
They plant bombs in the name of Mr. David Koresh
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[17 Feb 2004|08:14pm]

Friction - "Auburn"
[ from Hours of Operation. ]

Autumn makes the easy games get cold
And fire seems to breathe cold
Autumn leaves an imprint
That makes you want to layer your clothes
Lay the fool right here below
Fifty layers under snow
Save the day and then walk home alone
Slip by skim past
On the incline set at meager slant
Shine faster fists to break the mold
Mark a point for being cold
Glad you were an understanding soul
How do you feel, cement heart?
I'll send a get well card
Concrete street light, meet cement heart
Can't you see the feeling leaving?
Auburn makes the beautiful get old
And weak is easy meat
Justice of the piece
Chain smoke chimney sweep
I'm dying to tell you I'm dying
And I don't need a reason
More than a blemish
On a near-perfect season
Why don't you sit down, shut up
Don't move from that seat
Don't make me have to
Certainly underneath I see
Insecurity to some degree
So drive away from people you can hold
Sold your soul I bought
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[16 Feb 2004|09:37pm]

Billy Bragg
"Valentine's Day is Over"
[ from Workers Playtime. ]

Some day, boy, you’ll reap what you’ve sown
You’ll catch a cold and you’ll be on your own
And you will see that what’s wrong with me
Is wrong with everyone
That you want to play your little games on

Poetry and flowers, pretty words and threats
You’ve gone to the dogs again and I’m not placing bets
On you coming home tonight anything but blind
If you take me for granted then you must expect to find
Surprise, surprise -- Valentine’s day is over

If you want to talk about it
Well, you know where the phone is
Don’t come round reminding me again how brittle bone is

God didn’t make you an angel
The devil made you a man
That brutality and economy are related, now I understand
When will you realise that as above so below there is no love

For the girl with the hour glass figure
Time runs out very fast
We used to want the same things but that’s all in the past
And lately it seems that as it all gets tougher
Your ideal of justice just becomes rougher and rougher

Thank you for the things you bought me
Thank you for the card
Thank you for the things you taught me
When you hit me hard
That love between two people must be based on understanding
Until that’s true you’ll find your things
All stacked out on the landing
Surprise, surprise -- Valentine's day is over
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[15 Feb 2004|05:57pm]

The Lawrence Arms - "Nebraska"

Hey, Mike
I wish I could help you figure something out
But it's been too long since we spoke
Your sarcasm radiates unhappiness
So withdrawn and rooted deep inside

Were you content at twenty-seven?
Were you hopeful at seventeen?
A void the size of oceans stretches out between us
I guess our blood is suppose to be a bridge
Can you pull yourself up from this self hatred?
Can you pull yourself up?
Frustrations driven you to angry dreams

Let Nebraska disappear in golden flames of grain
I know you can't imagine having company right now
There's a world of tired faces that understand this pain
There's a better life
Waiting on the outside of these decaying walls

Your bitterness doesn't surprise me
As these pointless days go screaming by
Rejected sour eyes can't imagine blue skies

I wish you could find something to live for
Before your days scream by
Besides the agony
Of bleeding towards the last breath
I truly believe that you want more than this
This is killing you
What you want is very simple
But somehow so complex to get
Please don't hate yourself
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[14 Feb 2004|01:50am]

Gang of Four
"The History of the World"
[ from Songs of the Free. ]

When I was in my mother's womb
Social structure seemed a simple thing
After birth I cursed my luck
Then went down to breakfast

What I know fills me up
It is an everlasting cup
What I believe will never change
My consolation for the night

Mother had me for an egg
I understood the relations of production
She always provided for me
That's where I lost my naievty

Stability is in my mind
I associate with my kind
Charity, it fills my heart
To help the poor in Africa

Good, yes, you've done well
Here is a small prize
The history of the world
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[13 Feb 2004|07:29pm]

"Sea Foam Green"
[ from Etc. ]

A '63, 10,000 miles
What was I thinking?
I drove myself insane
No small getaway
Asleep with both hands on the wheel
White knuckle weekend
Chewing ephedrine
Going to an unnamed end

We met in rain, you asked me in
Seemed like a good sign
Now I need a guillotine to get you off my mind
I brush my teeth until they break
Until I start bleeding
So when I smile I'll know
I'm almost good enough for you.
And would you..

Follow me to the end of the dare
Raise your eyes, return the stare
Become your words
Your words so becoming
On any Sunday I'll be there

I tried to drink you off my mind
I just got wasted
It only made the pain that much more acute
But cute isn't strong enough a word
Unintentionally gorgeous
An accidental charm
A graceful drinking arm

Follow me to the end of the dare
Raise your eyes, return the stare
Become your words
Your words so becoming
On any Sunday I'll be there
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